Working to Respond to God's Call

Sermons from the clerical team at St. Anne's Episcopalian Church in Reston, Virginia. Please visit our website at

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On Anxiety and Joy (November 15, 2015)


On Anxiety and Joy

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Maundy Thursday: 2016: Tikkun Olam (to repair the world)


Reverend James Papile of St. Anne's Episcopal Church speaks on Maundy Thursday 2016 of a special calling.

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The Cross is About Healing (March 22,2015)


Jesus' death upon the cross is about healing, preaches Reverend James Papile, during a sermon on March 22, 2015 in Reston, Virginia

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The Literary Genius and Promise of Jonah


Reading Jonah is like reading a new brilliant literary form, peaches Reverend James Papile, one that holds great promise while also delivering humor. This sermon was recorded January 25, 2015 in Reston, Virginia

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Expressing Jesus to This World (January 18, 2015)


How do people who follow Jesus share his message to others who may have other cultural and language issues? Reverend James Papile preaches to St. Anne's Episcopal Church on January 18, 2015.

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Divinity Inside You: Listen to the Softest Voices


Reverend James Papile preaches about listening versus talking, conversation instead of bellicosity, and the divine art of listening to the softest voices. This sermon was recorded Spetember 20, 2015 in Reston, Virginia.

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